The Roots of my Quandary

One might ask, “How can you be a liberal and a prude at the same time?” The two values appear to be in conflict. Indeed, they can be as I have often experienced. There lies the food for fodder and the discourse at the heart of this column.

I have the unbound urge to question. Everything. Even God. Why me? Why? How? What for? Says who? And, above all, “What if…” Strangely, I do like rules and order, but they have to be reasonable, fair, equitable, and make sense in my universe. That really isn’t very different from most people. Most of us have some battles with society’s rules and expectations. Could be gun control. Could be prayer in schools. Could be birth control. Could be City Hall. Could be any number of issues.

My parents were first generation American-born of German and Russian immigrants who arrived in the Midwest in the early 1900s because that was as far as the railroad went. As a product of their religion and “old country” traditions, I was programmed to behave and, on some levels, think a certain way. I know they were subjected to ridicule, called Communists and Nazis. Never mind that their parents left their homelands to escape those regimes along with the fear and oppression that went with them. Most of my mom’s and dad’s siblings lived within 30 miles of each other. So, until I went to grade school, my values were not challenged. Until then, I had nothing to compare. Continue reading

Some Have Plenty–An American Allegory

Chapter 1

In the land of Some Have Plenty more have less and too many haven’t any. The economic forecast is foggy and somewhat tornadic. Bridges are falling down and children are hungry. The kingdom is at war. The Have Less and the Haven’t Any are worried, but King Wooly Bully and the King’s assistant Cocky Foxy have a plan.

The King announced we have evil enemies in the world who want to destroy us. We need to stop them and those who call them friends.  King Bully named the three kingdoms and told the world these kingdoms form a “Triangle of Evil.”

King Wooly Bully would spare no expense to bring down Evil. We will put people to work making guns, uniforms, bullets and weapons of destruction. We’ll call it “Operation Sand Storm.”

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